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Cresta Care oscillating tower fan CFT290

The Cresta CFT290 tower fan provides a wonderful cooling airflow in every place in the house. Thanks to the timer function, you don’t even have to think about whether you have switched it off. This modern fan fits into any home thanks to its modern design. The Cresta tower fan has a very luxurious appearance. Choose from three different airflow speed settings. The sleep mode is perfect if you use the fan in the bedroom because it produces a pleasant soft breeze that is still extremely cooling. 

Cresta Care standing fan with remote control CFS610

The Cresta CFS610 stand fan from Cresta is a good choice for cooling on hot summer days, silent operation 52dB and adjustable in height. It is very easy to operate via the supplied remote control. It has a simple yet stylish design to match any interior. The standing fan has a diameter of 42 cm and ensures that fresh air circulates through the room. The Cresta CFS610 has 3 settings, so you can choose the desired cooling effect. Due to the oscillation function, this tripod fan circulates air more effectively and with a wider range. The height and angle of the fan are adjustable and it has a stable base. The fan can be set using the built-in timer to run for a period of half an hour up to 4 hours in steps of half an hour longer, but can also be switched on continuously without a timer.