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Cresta Care KTS160 Electric under blanket extra-large 1-person 200 * 90 cm – Ökotex certified

What could be better than going to bed after a long day and finding a warm, soft place to sleep? The Cresta Care KTS160 electric heat blanket is a lovely warm and comfortable blanket, which is extra-large and full size and covers your entire mattress. This under blanket is easy to put under the sheet and attach to your mattress with the 4 elastic bands on each corner to preheat the bed.

Cresta Care micro fiber electric cuddle and terrace heating blanket KTS200

The Cresta Care KTS200 is a lovely cuddle blanket, made of silky soft Polar fleece. You can use the blanket anywhere, on the sofa, terrace or as a top blanket on the bed. The blanket has a high power of 120 watts, which ensures that the blanket heats up quickly and feels nice and warm. The temperature is adjustable in three positions and the 180 minute timer ensures comfortable and safe use.