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Cresta Care CBS370 Personal scale with BMI and body analysis

The Cresta Care CBS370 combines a stylish design with advanced technology. A scale that can measure everything. Think of your bone mass, body weight up to 180 kg, body fat, muscle mass and body fluid. The large clear extra-large LCD display and simple operation ensure practical and comfortable use. The Multi sensor system measures very accurately and ensures that you are always up to date about your weight and body. 

Cresta Care eye massager EYE710

The eye massager acts as a vibration masseur, provide warmth and provide repeated pressure on acupuncture points near the eyes. The product has built-in soft nature sounds and relaxes your body during the massage. The product looks like glasses, feels comfortable, has a special appearance and is suitable for all ages. The eye massager can help with migraines or relief from eye pain, puffiness and wrinkles.