Personal care

Cresta Care eye massager EYE710

The eye massager acts as a vibration masseur, provide warmth and provide repeated pressure on acupuncture points near the eyes. The product has built-in soft nature sounds and relaxes your body during the massage. The product looks like glasses, feels comfortable, has a special appearance and is suitable for all ages. The eye massager can help with migraines or relief from eye pain, puffiness and wrinkles.

Cresta Care KTS390 Foot Spa

Lovely massaging foot spa for relaxed feet after a long day of work. The bubbles and vibration give you a wonderfully relaxing feeling without having to use a massage parlor. The water is kept at temperature by the built-in heat function. You can choose from vibration massage, bubble massage or both.

Cresta Care KTS380 Facial Cleansing Brush

The Cresta Care KTS380 is a simple – and effective facial cleanser. With the included 3 accessories you can clean the face, remove make-up, clean pores and massage your face. The base unit is waterproof. This facial cleanser has 2 rotation speeds and switches off automatically after 1 minute.