Healthy and Fitness
BPM620 b

You know by measuring – at Cresta we take this statement very seriously. A healthy and fit body is important. To achieve that, you need to know exactly where you stand. How does your body perform under pressure, or at rest? Our products measure your blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. In this way you can make the right choices to stay fit and healthy.


A realistic picture of your blood pressure


Your blood pressure is influenced by many factors. The time, fatigue, temperature … but also due to stress during a visit to the doctor. This can lead to a distorted measurement, while it is so important. To get a realistic picture of your blood pressure, it is therefore smart to measure it several times a day in your own environment. The advanced digital blood pressure monitors from Cresta make it easy for you. You measure comfortably via your upper arm or wrist and the meter stores all data digitally.

Accuracy about temperature

Your body temperature is an important indicator for your health: elevation or fever are signs that something is going on in your body. That is why it is important to accurately measure body temperature. Especially with children. Cresta offers accurate, reliable fever thermometers.


Through the ear

Our ear thermometers are equipped with advanced German infrared sensors. These sensors are well known in the medical world and are used in many hospitals: they are very accurate and stable. Use with children from 6 months of age.


Via the forhead

Does your child finally sleep, but do you want to monitor his temperature? Then a forehead thermometer offers a solution. You do not even have to wake up your child – Cresta also offers models that can measure without contact. However, the ambient temperature plays a bigger role here: so measure several times.


Under the tongue

Do you prefer to measure under the tongue or do you have a child younger than 6 months? Then choose one of our LCD penshape thermometers. These are waterproof, accurate and reliable.