Beautiful and Care

Cresta products help you to look beautiful and well cared for. Every day again. We ensure optimal comfort so that you can shine.


Sleep faster and better with a heating blanket

Does it also take you so long before your bed is warm? Or do you often get cold at night? An electric heating blanket offers a solution. The blanket preheats your bed so that you are immediately comfortable and easier to fall asleep. Some models have a sleep mode: they heat you all night. In this way you will not wake up during the night because you are cold.


Only the best for you

All our heat blankets meet the strictest quality requirements set by leading European testing institutes. Safe and effective.


Stay comfortably smooth with heating therapy

Familiar to you too? In winter, your body often feels stiff. This is because you often unconsciously contract your muscles against the cold. You can change that. With the heating therapy products from Cresta you have control over your temperature and you can relax. For example, with a foot warmer or heating pad. Very comfortable.

Know your body

You want to live a healthy life and find it important to know exactly what your body stands for. Not only your weight, but also information about your muscle mass, moisture content and bone mass. We are happy to help you. Cresta’s advanced digital personal scales provide a very accurate image of your body. In this way you are always up to date and you can make conscious choices.